Our approach

The Medilaw Group recognises the significance of needing access to the right Psychological Specialist at the right time for complex matters; MindSense – Centre of Psychiatry has been built to cater to occupational mental health, as well as Trauma based areas by having complex assessments, education, research and consulting in the one place.

Quality & access

Our professional services are of the highest standard, a culture of doctors supporting doctors. We support our medical specialists with what they need to excel in their work.  The depth of knowledge of our MindSense team allows us to match the correct matter with your area of expertise.

Our Service staff are trained in the requirements of your examinations and relevant legislations, with our MindSense Admin team always available to assist you.

MindSense – Centre of Psychiatry also provides the capabilities for you to access after-hour services, that can be carried out after your clinical schedules.

Technology & learning

Offering consultants a secure online portal for accessing consulting schedules and pre-appointment briefing documents, you have all the information required in the one place.

We have a dedicated team that schedules your video assessments and troubleshoot technical issues before they happen so you can proceed with your assessments in a timely manner to avoid stress for yourself and the client.

MindSense also understands the importance of continued learning opportunities and provides regular occasions for professional networking via consultant peer review meetings, customer educational seminars and professional development courses.

Join us

For further information on how to become a consultant with us please call 1300 646 373 (1300 MINDSE) or email admin@mindsensepsychiatry.com.au